Divorce Statistics

Talking about divorce causes in couples is a difficult subject to understand and diagnose, and much more, to offer advice, because feelings are usually mixed with very objective reasoning between the spouses or those who have a relationship, which makes the valuations on the marriage complicated. This causes a bias in the field of personal and selfish interest, which detract from any accurate judgment.

However, the opposite is true when considering demographic statistics on marriage and divorce. These yield results that can be interpreted through deductive reasoning, which can point to clues, certainties and routes of investigation on the problems that the some societies are going through in the family and couple relationship. The disadvantage that this type of analysis has is the facts that are given are irreversible and immune to public social policies. This article tries to explain the above through a couple of premises: the importance of marriage from the Christian and secular approach, and the failure of marriage with social decomposition.


First premise. Marriage and family have been institutions that transcend the merely secular realm and social construction, obeying higher orders, sacred or divinity. Although the state also considers society to be about the family, religious dogmas that believers fulfill and profess, might have different views.

Second premise. The fall of the family unit suffered by society has a direct correlation with the number of divorces or separations that families experience. In 1970 there were 4 divorces per 100 marriages, which increased to 17 per 100 in 2012, and rose to 18.6 in 2013. The average age of divorce in males is 39, and in females, 37. While the average age for the woman who get married is 27 years, in the man it is 29 years. This trend shows that marriage is perhaps not sustainable after all. The divorce lawyers on the other hand, like this Jefferson City lawyer, state that business has never been better.

Overall everyone in society needs to consider if marriage is even a real option nowadays.