Kitchen Utensil Problems

Kitchen utensils are the most popular because they are present in all homes. Without these instruments, it is impossible to cook and ingest the food.

The first kitchen utensils were made of stone. Over the years began to develop wooden utensils, metal, and plastic. At present, in most of the kitchens, there are utensils of different materials, which are used according to the occasion.

Among the materials used today for the manufacture of kitchen utensils stand out several types of metals, and in some cases combine two or more in the same product. This gives rise to one of the problems that most often go unnoticed: the contamination of food in the home. It is very important to know the characteristics of the utensils we use for cooking, since some materials are especially harmful to health, although their effects can only be appreciated in the long term.

Among the materials whose toxicity has been recognized are synthetic products and heavy metals, and many people unknowingly contaminate their food by using utensils made with them. This becomes especially absurd for consumers who buy organic products because all precautions taken during the cultivation or processing of food will fade when cooked in aluminum pans or pots or non-stick material where they are mixed with substances and elements harmful to health.

Our body does not have a system to eliminate heavy metals, and that is why poisoning takes place: they accumulate inevitably and generate insidious and low toxicity. After a time of ingesting heavy metals through meals, the consequences can become severe; the lead, for example, present in pots ceramic or clay and enamels and varnishes, can cause anxiety, fatigue, sleep disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, and insomnia, among other disorders.

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