Most unusual American Laws


In the land of disproportion, disproportions are a matter of justice. An example? Tickling a woman in Utah is illegal! Here is an anthology of the 20 most unusual American laws.

Time passes, and legislation remains. More and more laws are emerging, while revisions are rather rare. Over time, some become literally obsolete, sometimes on the edge of extinction.

lawThese unlikely laws are more numerous in the United States than they are in a federal state. As each state can establish its own legislation, the number of lapsed laws that are still not repealed is simply frightening.

In the aftermath of the American Independence Day, here is the opportunity to discover the most improbable laws in a top 20.

Countdown to the 20 most unusual American laws:

20. It is illegal to mount a mousetrap without a hunting license. (Alabama)

19. It is forbidden to wear suspenders. (Arizona)

18. It is forbidden to drive a car with blindfolded eyes. (Alabama)

17. A man has the right to strike his wife. Only once a month. (Arkansas)

16. For any man, it is illegal to wear a strapless dress. (Florida)

15. Persons who are sick, ugly, disabled or deformed to the point of being repulsive do not have the right to go out into the city. (Illinois)

14. The law stipulates that a person is considered sober as long as they are not collapsed on the ground. (Kentucky)

13. It is illegal to run out of fuel at Youngstone. (Ohio)

12. In Wichita, mistreatment of a mother-in-law can not be taken as a ground for divorce. (Kansas)

11. Do not put an ice cone in his back pocket on Sunday. (Georgia)

10. It is illegal to excite polecats. (Minnesota)

9. Apes are not allowed to smoke cigarettes. (Indiana)

8. It is illegal to shoot anything from the car unless it is a whale. (California)

7. It is forbidden to tickle a woman and make love in full light. (Utah)

6. It is illegal to wear a false mustache that can cause laughter in the church. (Alabama)

5. Horses are prohibited in hostels unless they wear pants. (Caroline from the south)

6. It is illegal to fish in lasso (Pennsylvania)

5. Seattle residents are prohibited from traveling with a weapon over 1m80. (Washington)

4. It is illegal to make noise while drinking his soup. (New Jersey)

3. It is illegal to ride a camel on the highway. (Nevada)

2. In Natoma it is illegal to throw knives on people wearing striped T-shirts. (Kansas)

1. In Lang, it is forbidden to go down the main street on the back of a mule in August. Unless she wears a hat. (Kansas)